Cold Pressed Canola Cooking Oil 1 Ltr Near Me Lahore -

Cold Pressed Canola Cooking Oil 1 Ltr

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Naturals Cold-Pressed Canola oil is the perfect choice for your health. From cooking to baking, sauteing to stir-frying, this canola oil is great for all of your kitchen needs!  No extra heat or chemicals are used in the refining process, allowing the oil to retain its natural flavor and beneficial nutrients.

Simply substitute this canola oil for other oils in your cooking, and it’s easy to make your menu offerings just a little bit healthier. Known for its low amount of saturated fat and high amount of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, canola oil contains the least saturated fat of all cooking oils. With so many uses and benefits, this solvent-free canola oil is a must have ingredient for your kitchen!